At Epic Luxury Safaris we believe in sustainable tourism as a model for the development of local communities and the places where we operate, respecting the environment and generating a positive impact.

Epic Luxury Safaris & East Africa Camps support Tanzania and Kenya communities by empowering locals with job opportunities and hospitality training. Since our opening we have employed more than 120 locals, recruiting people to work full time at our safaris, accommodations, vehicles and offices.

A few of our initiatives in Kenya & Tanzania

We practice slowtravel, we want travelers to connect with nature and with the essence of the tribes to discover the greatness of this wonderful land that will captivate them forever.

Plant a Tree

Our reforestation project in the Maasai Mara to restore an area at risk of deforestation.

Fair Trade with Maasai Moms

Travelers will be able to contribute to the development of the local economy by purchasing necklaces made by local women with no intermediaries and sold at a fair price.

The Plaster House

We collaborate with this organization to improve the health of children affected by orthopedic and neuromotor disorders.

Slow travel

At Epic Luxury Safaris we practice slow travel, a conscious way of traveling that respects the environment and local communities, giving priority to natural products of proximity during our safaris.

We use km 0 products in our kitchens, which means that they are local foods that favor the local economy and gastronomy and reduce their impact on the environment by reducing emissions related to the transportation of goods. Consuming Km0 products supports sustainability and advocates a fairer economy, which takes into account the rights of producers by favouring the local economy, agriculture, livestock farming and gastronomy.

This is one of our ways of contributing to a more sustainable planet in which tourism and travelers have an important role to play

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