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Epic Luxury Safaris offers a natural luxury stay that combined with safaris and other activities provide a unique experience of adventure & luxury in the style of the original safaris.


The path of The Great Migration

Olengoti Safari Camp & Cottages

The best place to feel the grandeur of one of the greatest spectacles of nature: the Great Migration. A ritual that is repeated each year in which millions of mammals cross the savanna in search of food and water.

Olengoti Eco Safari Camp is settled in the Maasai Mara National Reserve. On the banks of the Talek River are eleven luxury large tents, each with indoor showers and private baths, but with all the conveniences a traveler seeks in the heart of the savanna. The Cottages are an unique bio architecture project. It is made up of six luxury cottages that simulate the traditional Maasai “manyatas” that use new construction techniques with local materials, such as wooden beams and mud walls.

The camp decoration is inspired by the surroundings and life on the Maasai Mara reserve. The details, the leather, and beads that decorate the shops are a true reflection of the Maasai handicrafts that take travelers into an authentic African environment.


The wildest experience on the endless plain

Pumzika Luxury Safari Camp

Located in the premium Turner Seasonal Zone, enabling guests to enjoy an exclusive safari over an hour long over the most important highways of the Seronera area. An amazing location for sighting leopards & lions, between the two largest prides of lions on the Serengeti.

The tented camp is made up of six large tents, with indoor bathrooms and showers. The decoration is inspired by the old-time safaris of the turn of the century, offering travelers all the conveniences of a five-star hotel in the middle of Serengeti.

The common areas, dining room, chill-out area, and campfire are for the exclusive use of Pumzika Luxury Safari Camp guests.They offer delicious dishes prepared by our chef or a drink around the fire for a high-class stay that combines luxury and adventure surrounded by nature.

Where true Maasai life exists

Pakulala Safari Camp

Located in Maasai territory it is the only tented camp hung over the ring of the volcano crater with incomparable views. The perfect place to get to know the traditions of the legendary Maasai tribe and discover the Big Five.

A small accommodation in an exceptional place decorated with fine materials, such as wood and leather to imitate the feel of the earliest expeditions. All the tents have a large double bed and an indoor bathroom with a shower, as well as a porch with butterfly chairs to read or take in the landscape.

The Pakulala Safari Camp common areas are accented by the vast beauty of the surrounding scenery. The campfire, with amazing views of the crater, is undoubtedly a turning point for travelers. An unforgettable place for a drink under the stars in the Tanzanian sky.

A lost paradise in Africa

Lukuba Island Lodge

Our private island & lodge in Lake Victoria is a magical place to discover the busy local life. Fishermen and locals live on the shores of the world’s second largest lake, surrounded by unique flora and fauna.

The lodge includes 11 cottages with views of the lake, each with a bedroom and bathroom and a porch for taking in the landscape. The decoration is inspired by the fishing villages surrounding the lake. Fabrics in different colors and textures combine with wood and natural fiber furniture that adhere to our principle of respect for the ecosystem.

The accommodation has common areas for resting following a long day. The restaurant, with views over the lake, offers excellent service and delicious food. The lodge also has a private beach and large terrace offering incredible sunsets over the world’s second-largest lake.

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