Flying safari in Kenya and Tanzania

Luxury Short Flying Safari

The African savannah from a different perspective

Think of a private trip, different, where you decide when and where you want to go… That’s our luxury short flying safari is. Trips designed for you according to your taste and what you want to visit at any given moment.

An exclusive flying safari through the best parks in Kenya and Tanzania designed especially for you. This safari is characterized by the fact that it takes place practically in a light aircraft. We move from park to park flying to avoid wasting time in transfers and enjoy the maximum safari time.

A proposal to contemplate the African plains from the air, such as the Serengeti or the Maasai Mara. The perfect safari for those who don’t have a lot of time without losing a bit of adventure. We land on airstrips close to our tented camps situated in exceptional locations in the middle of the national parks. They are the perfect starting point to follow the Great Migration, go on safari in search of the Big Five or just have a drink contemplating the savannah.

How are our safaris?

We combine the three most important national parks in Kenya and Tanzania to give our travelers a deep insight into what it means to go on safari in these unique parks in the world: Maasai Mara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro.

A safari that recalls the African adventures of the ancient explorers, sleeping in luxury tented camps in the middle of the national parks, feeling the sounds of the African night, creating an authentic atmosphere difficult to recreate elsewhere.

This safari experience is completed with a unique attention from our team in which no detail is left to chance. You just have to choose when and where, the rest is in the hands of our expert consultants. Discover Africa with us!


Day 1

Flight to Nairobi and Relax at EKA Hotel

Extension Lake Eyasi

Extension Lake Manyara and Tarangire NP please contact us


Not included

What our adventurers say

Behind each one there is an unforgettable experience

They provide a super service, comfortable, elegant and comply with everything agreed. I will be your customer again
Mario César Guerra
A unique experience cannot be explained ... you have to live it. From the moment you set foot in Africa it is quite an adventure. 11 days have been the best, each outing was an adventure accompanied by emotions without a doubt I would repeat everything as is and with the same people
Manoli Nieto
A dream come true, good attention and they are specialists in Africa. Thanks, I will always have you in my heart ... a kiss
Ruth Rodríguez

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